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Reading Development and Japanese translation of Le développement humain / La politique de l'autonomie

After the cancellation in the end of January 2020 of our department's study tour in and around Manila, I started alternative special classes (click here) for students who would take part in it.  They came to be closed in the end of March, converted into new out-of-class lessons from April to keep reading Ian Goldin's Development published in 2018 as one of the series of 'A Very Short Introduction' of Oxford University Press, and Japanese translation of Esther Duflo's Le développment humaine / La politique de l'autonomie published in 2017 by Misuzu Shobo.  Due to the spread of COVID-19, we started these new lessons in the form of gathering online.


The students have kept gathering online for the lesson.  I believe persistence will pay off!  The photo below is the one captured in the middle of June.

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