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Out-of-Class Lesson 1: Reading Poverty

In the summer holiday period in 2019 after the end of the first semester of the year, I started out-of-class lessons for students to read Philip N. Jefferson's Poverty brought out in 2018, one of the series of 'A Very Short Introduction' published by Oxford University Press.  Who gathered there were some students who were eager to establish fundamental skills to consider and tackle with social issues observed both within and outside Japan, along with enhancing English skills much higher.  We have kept gathering for months through the summer, the following period of the second semester of our university from September to January, and the current spring holiday period of the year 2020.  However, the ongoing outbreak of novel Coronavirus makes it difficult for us to gather and have a discussion together.  What we have found is one useful online system for video meetings, which enables us to resume the lessons.  Being not sure how the situation goes, I feel inclined to make use of the online system to a fuller extent.

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