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「SDGsはもう常識! じゃあSDHって?―楽しく学ぶ「健康」―」参加者募集!

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【日  時】2024年2月18日(日) 14:00~15:30
【会  場】日進市立図書館第2・3会議室
【対  象】小学5年生~大人
【定  員】20人(先着順)
【参 加 費】無料
【共  催】 日進市企画政策課、日進市市民協働課、アジア保健研修所(AHI)、名古屋外国語大学グローバル共生社会研究所(RINGS)

Home: ようこそ!

This page introduces academic and social activities and interests of Akihiro HIRAYAMA, lecturer at Department of World Liberal Arts, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Japan.

"The statement is neither a syntagma, nor a rule of construction, nor a canonic form of succession and permutation; it is that which enables such groups of signs to exist, and enables these rules or forms to become manifest." in The Archaeology of Knowledge by Michel Foucault.

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